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Member Spotlight: Terry Mannion of Specified Technologies

With a long career of marine channel experience, Terry Mannion is happy to be a member of the Propeller Club of Mobile.

Terry’s salt surfaced as a Chesapeake Bay Pilot Apprentice, following in the footsteps of his father’s 42 year Pilot career. Color perception challenges unexpectedly led him to a lateral career change to the Joiner world supporting cruise ship projects in Europe, and naval, commercial marine, and offshore projects in the continental US. Terry, Jr. continues the family legacy as a senior pilot on the Bay and River Delaware.

Terry served as Marine Division Manager for Panel Specialists offering IMO Solas decorative Thermax Fipro joiner panel systems, Strongbox marine furniture, and specialty panel products.

A Marine Deck Covering Division Manager opportunity at Hiller Systems brought Terry to the Gulf Coast after contract consultant billets at Hopeman Brothers, Delta Queen Steamboat, American Classic Voyages, and Jamestown Metal Marine.

Currently, Terry is Marine Sector Business Development Manager for Specified Technologies, a US manufacturer of penetration seals and cable transits.

STI Marine has revolutionized the marine and offshore fire protection industry with their patented line of EZ-Path® Cable Transits designed for passing cables through fire-rated bulkheads and decks without the need for additional penetration sealing materials such as caulk or putty. Each transit device contains heat activated intumescent self-sealing pads that choke off the path for fire, smoke and toxic gases in the event of a fire. EZ-Path® Cable Transits, which may be installed individually or ganged together for extra capacity, feature a self-contained firestopping system that remains sealed ensuring constant compliance. With nothing to open, activate, remove, replace, adjust, close or tighten, these cable pathways are completely sustainable over the lifetime of the vessel, rig or platform. Whether empty, partially full, or fully loaded, fire-rated bulkheads and decks are sealed at 0-100% visual cable fill, eliminating the need to calculate cable loads while maximizing achievable cable and transit density. It was this breakthrough technology and innovation that has put STI Marine at the forefront of the industry.