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The History of the Propeller Club

From humble beginnings, the Propeller Club has grown to include more than 80 Ports in maritime locations around the world, including almost 30 in countries outside the U.S.

Conceived in 1922, the Propeller Club started as a small group of maritime professionals meeting informally each day over lunch to discuss industry issues. As the group became too large for casual conversation, speakers were invited to address the group. The club continued to grow, and in January of 1923 the “Propeller Club of the Port of New York” was formed, with 33 members in attendance choosing the name and scheduling regular meetings.

Propeller Clubs Unite

News of the club spread to other port cities, and Propeller Clubs were formed in Boston, New Orleans, and at Yale University. On Nov. 7, 1927, The Propeller Club of the United States as a national and international organization was formed, with individual member clubs designated as “Ports.” The first overseas

Propeller Club Port was formed in Hamburg, Germany, in 1932, by Americans engaged there in the maritime business.

Membership comprises a cross section of the maritime industry throughout the United States and in many cities overseas. The Propeller Club is particularly well equipped to promote, further and support the merchant marine. “Propeller” in the name refers to the propulsion of ships and is symbolic of the driving force required to communicate the need for an adequate, privately-owned merchant marine for both overseas and domestic commerce.

Today, the International Propeller Club of the United States is an international business network dedicated to the promotion of the maritime industry, commerce and global trade.

Past Presidents

2019-23 David Berault
2018-19 John Fountain
2015-18 Don Rose
2013-15 Norman Stockman
2011-13 Richard Tremayne
2009-11 Patrick Wilson
2007-09 Steve Gordon
2005-07 Bill Vogtner
2003-05 Pete O’Neal
1990-92 Geoffrey McGovern
1988-90 Slade Hooks
1986-88 Prentiss (Tadd) Willcutt
1985-86 Robert L. Constantine, III
1983-85 John Jacobs
1981-83 Bob Coleman
1979-81 Gerry Robinson
1977-79 Hartwell Ludlow
1975-77 Arthur W. Stratton
1973-75 Julian Smith
1971-73 Jimmy Walsh
1970-71 S.A. LeBlanc, Jr.
1969-70 Joe Ollinger
1968-69 Jack Campbell

1966-68 Richard Murray
1965-66 Bob Baggett
1964-65 Ken Lott
1963-64 Bill Harrison
1962-63 G.G. Ashcraft
1961-62 C.E. Clancy
1960-61 J.P. Johnson
1959-60 W.T. Morris, Jr.
1958-59 J.L. Curran
1956-58 R.A. Stiegler, Jr.
1954-56 C.L. Rankin
1952-54 T.G. Dodd
—Unk– Henry Hill
—Unk– R.P. Schilling
—Unk– William Low
—Unk– T.W. Trawick
—Unk– Capt. J.B. Rucker
—Unk– GG Ashcraft
—Unk– Capt. W.S. Holmes
—Unk– Capt. Harry L. Hargrove
—Unk– O.B. Cloudman