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Member Spotlight: Bellcor Logistics

In response to a demand for dependable and sustainable freight services, Brandon Bell founded BellCor Logistics in 2013. After working in the logistics field for more than 6 years and gaining knowledgeable skill sets from companies large and small, Brandon branched out to provide exceptional service in the field that he loves. He has a passion to build a strong legacy, and develop lasting relationships.

A first generation entrepreneur, Brandon believes that family should be the drive and core for every successful business. He envisions that BellCor Logistics will one day be the launching pad for his children to be more innovative and progressive. His hope is also that it will be an avenue for other young men and women in the community to learn skill sets that will help them contribute to the local and national economies.

It is our belief at BellCor Logistics that, by providing the most pleasurable service to our customers, we are developing lifetime relationships that are built on the character of the people who so diligently work together to get the job done.