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2021 Member of the Year

Michelle Crowe
CEO and Founder, e-worc

The Governors of the Propeller Club of the United States, Port of Mobile, Alabama have selected Michelle Crowe, CEO and Founder of E-worc, the 2021 Propeller Club of Mobile, Alabama Member of the Year. 

Michelle joined the Club in 2020 and quickly hit the ground running. With a background in marketing and website design, she quickly recognized that the club’s website was antiquated and not functioning at the capacity we needed. Recognizing Michelle’s natural leadership abilities the Board of Governors invited Michelle, and she readily accepted, to a position on the Board as Marketing Chairperson. Working closely with our Webmaster, Richard Tremayne, and Communications Director, Kelly Rushing; Michelle was able to identify problematic functions on our website and found solutions that saved thousands of dollars in fees. She has donated the time of her company and employees to see that the Propeller Club’s web presence and social media presence improve vastly. She has helped create a presence for our club on Linked In and other social media websites. 

Not one to sit idle, enjoying the aforementioned success, Michelle created and launched the Waterfront Meetup Social Hour. This was a wholly new idea as the Propeller Club’s only other monthly event were luncheons and she was looking for other ways to bring in younger members. She recognized that some of our membership would also enjoy spending time together after work, socializing and networking. Michelle identified a sponsor for this event and it greatly offset the cost to the members and cost nothing for the club. 

Her desire to see the Propeller Club increase membership and become a more inviting group has led to many new, diverse members. Michelle’s energy is contagious and the Board of Governors, in addition to all membership, is blessed to have Michelle’s participation and vision. 

It is with great pride and pleasure that we award our Propeller Club Member of the Year for 2021 to Michelle Crowe, CEO and Founder of E-worc.