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Member Spotlight: Sabine Surveyors, LTD

Sabine Surveyors, Ltd. is a full service marine surveying company founded in 1968. Our core of qualified surveyors and auditors provide cargo inspections, hull & machinery surveys, vessel and management audits, project cargo management, and shipyard services Our Mobile office and resident surveyor, Mr. Glenn Mitchell has been established for many years and enjoy a positive reputation in the local maritime community.

We are ISO 9001 and 14001 certified, with established quality procedures. At present eleven of our team members are NAMS-CMS Certified, others are associate members. Our staff includes experienced Auditors, who hold ISO 9001/14001 Lead External Auditor certification in addition to the completion of other specialized Auditing courses.

Sabine and staff have been vetted, approved, and appointed, to conduct Marine Environmental Compliance Audits. Audits ensure compliance with all applicable marine environmental protection requirements under international, flag state, port state, coastal state, and United States Law including MARPOL, PWSA, APPS, CWA, OPA, NPDES, and VGP.

We hold a five year approval from the Coast Guard Towing Vessel National Center of Expertise as a Third Party Organization (TPO) in accordance with 46 CFR, Subchapter M. Our approval is unrestricted, allowing us to conduct all required components of 46 CFR Parts 137, 138, and 139. We are an AWO approved RCP auditor.

Sabine Surveyors Ltd., enjoys a 48 year record of offering professional and reliable services to a worldwide client base. Please contact Glenn Mitchell, at 251-433-9997 to discuss your cargo or vessel requirement.