Founded in 1989, Oil Recovery Company (ORC) is a full-service, turnkey environmental cleanup, control and disposal company. ORC is the oldest company of its kind on the Gulf Coast managed by the original owners. Focusing on the industrial and marine industries, ORC’s trained in-house personnel are problem solvers. We provide solutions to even the most complex of problems, remedying unknown surprises by staying with a project until its completion.

As the only company in the area with these in-house services, ORC strives to keep American commerce on schedule by keeping maritime traffic moving and manufacturing processes flowing. Our Maritime Traffic and Manufacturing Facility services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. ORC operates when you operate.

Whether you have a planned project or need emergency services, we are always available. You can bring your vessel to our Maritime Terminal or we can mobilize our equipment to your location.Our maritime services include:


If you need to perform repairs on a tank or a compartment, ORC can wash/gas free the impacted area. The compartment will be certified gas free by a third-party Marine Chemist. ORC can dispose the wash water at our permitted wastewater treatment plan.


If your flow lines are restricted with debris or sludge build-up, ORC can set up a recirculating system to pump and filter the lines. If needed, we can arrange pigging of the lines. The wastewater can be brought back to our permitted facility for proper disposal.PICKLING OF NEW PIPELINES If your lines are constructed and in place but will not be used for a while, ORC can circulate our pickling solution through the lines coating the interior to prevent rust from forming prior to use. The wastewater may be brought back to our permitted facility for proper disposal.


If you need work done on or near your fuel tank and the fuel has to be removed, ORC can transfer the fuel to our temporary storage tanks. After work is complete, we can alsofilter the fuel while transferring it back to your vessel.


Slops and ballast water accumulate during normal operation of your vessel. With a USCG Person-In-Charge, ORC can remove the liquids, properly treat them in our permitted wastewater treatment plant and provide you with required documentation. Forbulk removal, ORC can mobilize our 10,000-barrel double skin barge to receive the slops.CHANGE OF CARGOIf your next shipment is different from the previous shipment, the barge needs to be cleaned to prevent cross contamination. ORC can create a safe environment to clean the cargo compartments to your specifications.


When you need work done on or near your fuel tank, the fuel has to be removed. ORC can transfer the fuel to our single wall or double wall temporary storage tanks. After work is complete, we can filter the fuel while transferring it back to your vessel.


ORC’s Marine Terminal is easily accessible and always available to keep river commerce moving. We have direct access from Mobile River, Mobile Bay, Intercoastal Canal and Gulf of Mexico. For quick pump offs or large barge cleaning, ORC has transfer equipment and storage tanks staged at the terminal.ORC’s Marine Terminal is:

  • Easily accessible at Mile Marker 0 on the east bank of Mobile River
  • Always available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Located in protected waters so you can easily maneuver your vessels in the calmwaters
  • Large enough to simultaneously handle multiple barges up to 300’ in length
  • Capable of packaging wastes such as petroleum and chemical products for safe handling and transportation under strict DOT guidelines to a proper disposal facility.


ORC’s permitted wastewater treatment plant is available whenever you need us. We can mobilize one of our vacuum tankers or vacuum trucks to your location to retrieve the wastewater, or you can bring your transporter to us.Our water treatment plant is permitted by the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) and can accept non-hazardous oily water, petroleum contact water (PCW) and industrial wastewater. ORC can process 100,000 gallons per day andstore 630,000 gallons per day.


Consider Oil Recovery Company when you require marine, industrial or environmental services. By utilizing our in house equipment and personnel, we reduce your liability and provide confidence that the job will be done right, the first time, every time.

Corporate Office:Oil Recovery Company
1101 South Conception Street
Mobile, AL 36633
(251) 690-9010
(800) 350-0443

Marine Terminal:
Oil Recovery Company
200 Dunlap Drive
Mobile, AL