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Member Spotlight: Jordan Pile Driving

Jordan Pile Driving Inc.

Jordan Pile Driving Inc. is one of the oldest and most successful companies in the heavy construction and pile driving business. It was started in 1946 by H.C. “Hack” Jordan. It is now being run by his son D.R. Jordan and grandson Don Jordan with the help of many others.

A strong commitment to the needs of its customers, employees and family has shaped the business philosophy at Jordan for more than 72 years. The company’s mission statement still reflects those values today: “As we continue to build our business on a solid foundation, we are dedicated to quality work performed in a safe manner. We continue to invest in the latest equipment and technology and provide a workplace where family values are extremely important.”

Jordan’s reputation for quality work was built with the help of an experienced and dedicated workforce. The fact that some of Jordan’s employees have been with the company for more than 40 years is a great example of how the company’s commitment to family extends beyond the three generations of Jordan’s. Jordan also enjoys one of the best safety records in the heavy construction industry. 

Jordan has made a life-long commitment to invest in the most modern and reliable machinery available. This winning combination of experience and equipment has kept the company in the forefront of heavy construction and kept jobs on the schedule.

Jordan makes an extra effort to hire local workers and tries to spend most of its money locally where it counts most. 

Jordan tackles some of the largest heavy construction projects in the Southeast. Jordan has driven piling in all 67 of Alabama’s counties, along with many projects in Mississippi, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee. Jordan has also performed numerous offshore pile driving projects with the major oil companies. 

Jordan performs pile driving, bridge building for both highways and railroads, demolition, dredging, heavy hauling. Foundations for utility transmission lines, offshore construction, ship docks and barge fleeting facilities, and emergency work. 

We are located at 301 North Water Street in Mobile. Our telephone number is 251-433-6969