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Member Spotlight: EcoSouth Services

EcoSouth Services is the operator of the Axis Industrial Landfill. Its located 10 miles north of the city of Mobile, Alabama. This site was originally permitted as a single-source industrial waste landfill for a manufacturer that closed its Mobile facility a number of years ago. Subsequent to the closure of the site, ownership of the landfill reverted to the county of Mobile. Eco South Services acquired the site from Mobile in 2011. We opened for business in September 2013.

The Axis Industrial Landfill is the only privately-owned, RCRA-compliant waste disposal facility for commercial use in Mobile County. Our 72-acre facility is lined with 2-foot thick, compacted clay and a leachate collection system. We recently completed a new, 7-acre, synthetically-lined cell which allows us to receive a wider range of non-hazardous solid and liquid waste. A 170-acre expansion is currently underway. We have served many municipal, commercial, and industrial clients with cleanup efforts resulting from the catastrophic tornadoes of April 2011 and hurricanes Ivan, Katrina, Rita, Dennis, and George. We have repeatedly surmounted tough logistical problems with experience, creativity, and tenacity. In short, we are not afraid of big jobs. We use a combination of computerized, waste-industry software including TRUX Haul IT and TRUX Weight IT. We also use internally-designed Excel spreadsheets. Our on-site management team has continuous, remote access to all of these tools to ensure outstanding service.